Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, I have not blogged here in about....3+ months. Please do not judge me. I have excuses, there were elves and a grasshopper and a battle over a pearl castle and...and...and...ok, I lie, but I do have reasons;
I got pretty sick in March and was completely wiped out for an entire week. This was a complete bummer because I had just bought all these new supplies (pearls, rings, wire, metal files, jump ring wands, etc) and I was too weak to play with anything (tears falling, angels crying, its all very desperate).
Then I got better and played around with new techniques I learned from a book I bought!

I made some new earrings, a bracelet, learned more about wire molding, bending, and hardening even (see how I'm beginning to reach a super star level here?)! I took photos of some of my new items with full intentions to list them on my etsy website! But my 2004 Dell Inspiron kept burning up on my lap and I couldn't get anything loaded on etsy, flickr, or blogger without second degree burns. (excuses, excuses, wait it gets better).
Then we decided to move, dun, dun, dun (oh the chaos of it all!) !
Fast forward 3+ months from my last post and here we are. Ta-Da!!!!
Still no jewelry to show per-say but the photos are just waiting to be transferred to my new laptop (oh yes, I got the 2009 Dell Inspiron, thank you BF for the early birthday/ Xmas gift!)! Then I will sit in my new home and be ready to blog and etsy away with it all.
Thank you for coming back to read this (hopefully you are not lost forever, if you are I will find you; I'm very clever!) and until I post again head over and check out what my friend Abby has up on her new etsy shop!

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