Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The First of Many

Hello and welcome to my first of many post about my first and many attempts at jewelry making!

I wanted to create this site as a spin-off of my knitting blog. I originally started my knitting blog back in 2006 when my interest in knitting and crocheting became more like an obsession, haha! I quickly discovered that by blogging about my knitting not only could I finally display all by trials and successes but I could network with other knitters and meet people with a similar interest all around the world.

So here I am, with another blog, about another creative topic. My latest interest is jewelry making. I've always tinkered with jewelry making so it's not so much a new interest as a "rekindled" hobby, if you will. When I was younger I used to go crazy at craft stores with my mom insisting that she buy me some more (yes, i said "more") seed beads, or hemp, or string. I knew that if it was trendy and they were selling it in stores, I could probably figure out how to make it. I dubbed myself the MacGyver of friendship bracelets, I could make anything with enough supplies and time!

Now that I'm older my tastes are a little more unique and less trendy. My current interest is in metal, wire, glass beads, and natural materials like stone, wood, and clay.

So, here is the blog! I'm hoping to meet other MacGyver-like jewelers, share what I am learning as I go along, and as always get your feedback!

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